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TwentyTwo Real Estate is a privately owned independent real estate firm, committed to provide outstanding value and services to its capital partners and its clients.

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The Firm

TwentyTwo Real Estate is a fully integrated firm specialised in real estate investments, asset and property management.

Strong of 20 years of experience we combine hands-on operational expertise and financial acumen to assume complex and challenging investment and management projects on behalf of our capital partners and clients.

Our investment business employs a wide range of strategies grounded in a disciplined and consistent investment process and capitalizes on the local knowledge and hands-on operational expertise of our services business, in order to deliver superior value to our capital partners. Our real estate services business operates in France on the basis of a “one stop shop” model with expertise, skill and knowledge spanning all phases of property acquisition, management and disposal.

Offering a full range of tailor made solutions adapted to all real estate asset classes and specific clients’ needs we undertake each assignment with an owner’s mindset in order to deliver high quality service, create value and reduce risks for our clients.

  • Focusing on opportunities in Western Europe, we make investments consisting of direct investments in real estate assets as well as private investments in the debt or equity of real estate companies and real estate related companies.
  • Our flexibility is a competitive strength to design tailor made solutions meeting the needs of all stakeholders in a transaction and to craft investments with attractive risk/reward profiles.
  • We offer a full range of services to corporate and institutional clients including asset management and property management for owners and investors, occupancy and technical management for tenants, residential brokerage, residential leasing.
  • We are expert in managing technically complex assets (high rise, industrial sites) and management intensive portfolios (residential, provincial assets).

Our Founding Principles

Our vision is to build long lasting value for our employees, customers and partners. We believe this can be achieved by hard work, expertise, combined with a disciplined and insightful assessment and management of risks as well as adhering to a set of core principles. These principles guide us in everything we do and in the way we engage with and on behalf of clients and investors.

  • Accountability

    All of our businesses are founded on the basis of a strong owner’s mind-set. We put our capital on the line as shareholders of our operating businesses and co-investors alongside our capital partners. We engage in services assignments with an owner’s perspective to deliver performance of the highest quality.

  • Discipline

    We conduct our businesses with uncompromised care fairness and integrity. We stay grounded by keeping focus on our founding vision and concentrating on our companies, our employees, and our customers. We run our businesses with frugality.

  • Durability

    Our ambition is to create and grow long lasting businesses founded on a long term commitment to preserve, cultivate and grow financial and human capital.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Our independent and entrepreneurial thinking is our strength to craft and deliver superior solutions and performance to our investors and clients.

  • Excellence

    We always seek to perform according to the highest standards and deliver outstanding results in everything we engage in.

Our Businesses

  • TwentyTwo

    A full service real estate firm with offices in London, Paris and Luxembourg.

  • TwentyTwo CapitalReal Estate Investments

    London based investment specialist in real estate and real estate related private equity and debt opportunities in Europe.

  • Financière Scaprim Real Estate Services

    Paris headquartered real estate services company providing asset management property management and residential brokerage services to institutional clients. View the SCAPRIM SERVICES Website.

We are a fully integrated real estate firm focusing on investments, asset and property management.

The Figures

  • €4.1 Billion assets under management
  • €7.6 Billion properties under management
  • 180 Staff located in our European Offices
  • Real Estate Investments

  • Since its foundation in 2012, TwentyTwo Capital has completed investments involving circa €1.8 billion of assets executed through corporate acquisitions, distressed credit, and high yield debt, exemplifying our wide and flexible investment scope.
  • Real Estate Services

  • SCAPRIM SERVICES has a nationwide footprint with 17 offices spread across France.
  • SCAPRIM SERVICES manages 17,000 residential units and 1.4 million sqm of commercial properties representing in total €200 million of rents.
  • SCAPRIM SERVICES has brokered circa 10,000 residential units.
  • In the last 3 years, SCAPRIM SERVICES has advised on real estate acquisitions totalling €3 billion.

The Management Team

Our people are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination, dedication and expertise of our team that we are able to deliver results to our clients and investors.

  • Daniel Rigny

    Founder and Managing Partner

    Daniel Rigny is the Founder and Managing Partner of TwentyTwo Real Estate, based in London.

    Daniel has 23 years of professional experience in the financial and real estate industries, beinginvolved for the last 19 years with investment management activities, leading large investment vehicles within Western Europe.

    Prior to founding TwentyTwo Real Estate in 2012, Daniel was a partner of Perella Weinberg Partners between 2007 to 2011 and head of acquisitions and asset management for Perella Weinberg Real Estate Fund I, a private investment fund with €1.2 billion of capital commitments targeting real estate and real estate related opportunities in Europe.

    From 1997 to 2006 Daniel was responsible for originating and managing real estate related private equity investments on behalf of Deutsche Bank and its clients. From 2004 to 2006 he was co-head of Europe for the real estate global opportunity funds of Deutsche Bank and a member of the funds global investment committee. The funds had equity under management of $3.1 billion globally including circa $2.0 billion in Europe.

    Daniel holds a M.Sc. from Ecole Polytechnique (France).

  • Philippe Couturier

    Head of French Real Estate Services

    Philippe Couturier is a Partner and Chief Executive Officer of SCAPRIM SERVICES, the French real estate services arm of TwentyTwo Real Estate, based in Paris.

    Philippe has been leading property and asset management services firms for the last 13 years following 6 years as an auditor.

    Prior to joining SCAPRIM SERVICES in 2013, he worked between 2003 and 2012 at Constructa Group a French independent property services group. He held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Constructa Asset Management, working across property, asset and works management. Under his leadership assets under management increased from €200 million to €7.5 billion over a period of 9 years. He was also managing director of Constructa Group in which position he spearheaded the growth of development and residential brokerage activities.

    Prior to 2003, he was a partner at French accounting firm Sicier, responsible for tax, accounting and financial management of real estate asset and companies.

    Philippe is a chartered public accountant.

  • Anne Genot

    Head of Acquisitions and Asset Management

    Anne Genot is a Partner of SCAPRIM SERVICES, the real estate services arm of TwentyTwo Real Estate, and Chief Executive Officer of Scaprim Asset Management, its asset management division, based in Paris.

    Anne has 13 years’ experience in real estate asset and investment management activities in Western Europe, leading core, value-add and opportunistic investments.

    Prior to joining SCAPRIM SERVICES in 2014, Anne served as head of acquisitions and member of the executive committee for Allianz Real Estate in France in which position she led investments in circa €1 billion of retail and office properties.

    From 2005 to 2012, Anne was a Vice President at RREEF, the real estate investment management arm of Deutsche Bank, initially based in London and then Paris. In these positions, she has been involved in a wide range of real estate transactions on behalf of RREEF opportunistic and core funds, and while based in Paris was responsible for acquisitions in the French and Belgian markets.

    Anne started her career in 2003 at DTZ Asset Management as an asset management analyst.

    Anne holds a civil and building engineer degree from INSA (France), a Master degree in urban planning, from Université de Lyon (France) and a Master degree in real estate finance from ESSEC Business School (France).

  • Yon Papageorgiou

    Investment Director

    Yon Papageorgiou is a Director of Investments at TwentyTwo Real Estate, based in London.

    Yon has been involved in real estate investment activities for the past 9 years with a particular focus on opportunistic transactions.

    Prior to joining TwentyTwo Real Estate in 2015, Yon was Investment Manager at Telereal Trillium, which is part of the William Pears Group. He specialised in the origination of real estate related private equity and debt investment opportunities and executed over £1 billion of transactions in UK. He was also a member of the committee in charge of British Telecom UK’s asset and property management contract spanning 6,000 commercial properties and 5.5 million square meters.

    From 2004 to 2007, Yon worked as a consultant for telecommunication company LCC and was involved in projects across North America and EMEA.

    Yon holds a MSc from Esiee Paris (France).

  • Nicolas Lutgé

    Head of Asset Management for Commercial Real Estate

    Nicolas Lutgé is Head of Asset Management for Commercial Real Estate at SCAPRIM Asset Management, part of SCAPRIM SERVICES, the real estate services arm of TwentyTwo Real Estate, based in Paris.

    Nicolas has 13 years’ experience leading the asset management of large projects and investment companies within Western Europe.

    Prior to joining SCAPRIM Asset Management in March 2015, Nicolas served in number of positions at CBRE Global Investors since 2003. He started as an asset manager for French value-added investments. In 2007 he set up the Brussels and Dutch offices and served as their Managing Director. In 2011, he became Senior Director in charge of asset management for the Belgium value-added portfolio and Principal in several pan European value add funds with total AUM of €1 billion in charge of acquisitions and asset management in France, Belgium and Netherlands.

    Nicolas holds a building engineer degree from l’Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics et du Bâtiment (France) and a Master degree in real estate finance from ESSEC Business School (France).

  • Frédéric Collin

    Chief Financial Officer

    Frédéric Collin is Chief Financial Officer of TwentyTwo Real Estate, based in Luxembourg.

    Frederic has been involved in real estate activities for the last 11 years as a finance officer and auditor, including within several regulated entities.

    Prior to joining TwentyTwo Real Estate in 2016, Frédéric served as the conducting officer and finance director for ICAMAP, a €500 million alternative investment fund.

    From 2008 to 2013, Frédéric was the financial controller and member of the management team of the Goodman European Logistics Fund, a €2.0 billion fund investing in logistic assets across Continental Europe.

    Frédéric started his career in 2005 at PricewaterhouseCoopers Luxembourg as financial auditor.

    Frédéric holds a Business Administration degree from Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), and a PG Diploma in Financial Strategy from the University of Oxford (England).

  • Nicolas Beurton

    General Secretary

    Nicolas Beurton is General Secretary of TwentyTwo Real Estate, based in Paris.

    Nicolas has been involved in real estate activities for the last 12 years as a company lawyer including within several regulated entities.

    Prior to joining TwentyTwo Real Estate in 2014, Nicolas served for 6 years as company and regulatory lawyer at Eurosic, a real estate investment company listed on the French stock market.

    From 2005 to 2008, Nicolas was in-house lawyer at BNP Paribas REIM, the real estate investment arm of group BNP Paribas.

    Nicolas holds a Master in business law and corporate law from Univeristé de Rennes (France).

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